10 Houseplants That Are For Absolute Beginners

Houseplants for beginners, well, did you get bit by the plant-bug recently? Join the club! I’ve been noticing an increasing trend of growth (hehe) in the houseplant community and I couldn’t be happier about it!

So, you want to know the best houseplants to start off with? You definitely came to the right place. Today we’re going to go through 10 of my favorite houseplants that I have never had trouble growing in almost any condition they’re put in, and are very low-maintenance.

1: Golden Pothos

Houseplants for beginners | Golden Pothos

This plant is extremely easy to start off with. They are very fast growers and tolerate a lot of different levels of light and irregular watering schedules. Coming from experience, I have never killed off one of my golden pothos plants before.

If you’re looking on where to get them, I OFTEN see them at Lowe’s in small little plastic pots for $3.98, so go check them out and get one for yourself!

Read my other article for a full care guide on pothos!

We curated some care sheets for taking care of your herbs! The best part? It’s completely free!

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2: Philodendron Brasil

Houseplants for beginners | Brasil Philodendron

These cute little guys are closely related to the Pothos family, but still very different in their own ways. Nonetheless, very easy to take care of. I have had my philodendron for probably over a year, and the biggest difference I see compared to the pothos, is that mine doesn’t grow nearly as quickly as my pothos.

My philodendron has tolerated me forgetting to water it for weeks, for leaving it in way too dark of corners in my house for extensive amounts of time, and just honestly constant neglect. Not my proudest moment, but I have literally never lost a leaf from it after all of that abuse.

From what I’ve noticed, they aren’t actually very common plants, I would recommend checking out local houseplant Facebook groups and seeing if someone has one you are able to buy or get a clipping from to start growing your own.

I also have a complete Philodendron care guide written here! ๐Ÿ˜‰

3: Monstera Deliciosa

Houseplants for beginners | Monstera Deliciosa

I’m going to get mixed comments about this pick I’m sure, but I have never had any issues with growing my Monstera Deliciosa. I live in Arizona, which literally has almost year-round dry heat and extreme fluctuating temperatures. I also owned this plant and watched it thrive for about 6 months before I even got a humidifier for it, never have I ever lost a leaf in the entire ownership of my plant.

The Monstera Deliciosa was super trendy and popular back in 2018, which means that their prices have significantly dropped since they were first “discovered” in the houseplant community.

You’ll be able to find Monstera Deliciosas at most nurseries, they’re fairly easy to come across and the average price I’m seeing is roughly $20-$25 for them.

Read my Monstera Deliciosa care guide!

4: Pilea Peperomiodes

Houseplants for beginners | Pilea Peperomiodes

Another one of those plants that aren’t traditionally seen as easy plants to grow, but I’m going to tell you otherwise. They’re a bit uncommon to find even in most nurseries still, but they are well worth the effort in searching for.

All they really need is a spot where they can receive a decent amount of indirect sunlight, and you’ll be set. Rotate them often though, because their leaves tilt heavily towards the sun and it will just grow uneven, but if you want that, then that’s how you can do it!

5: Spider Plant

Houseplants for beginners | Spider Plant

I’ve honestly grown a bit of an obsession of these guys recently. I was gifted a few spider plant babies to propagate for myself and they have been so fun to watch grow and thrive in my home.

I totally think spider plants are super underrated too, get off your rare plant high horse and grab yourself a spider plant and you’ll fall in love with it as much as I have.

They are pretty common in most stores and nurseries so you shouldn’t have hardly any problem getting ahold of one of these babies.

6: Snake Plant

Houseplants for beginners | Snake Plant

Okay you probably figured this one was going to be on the list, but I mean, it’s here for a reason! They are super easy to take care of and thrive in so many different situations they are put in.

I have one mother plant that I went and took a bunch of clippings from to propagate into more little babies, and I am so eager to start seeing them sprout new plants and grow up into their own.

They are a bit of a slow growing plant, so I often don’t pay attention to mine but every once in a while I’ll give it some attention and just be super proud of all the growth it’s been putting out slowly in the background of my home.

Snake plants are also very easy to find in most stores, and they have a range of prices but you will most likely see them sold for about $20.

7: ZZ Plant

Houseplants for beginners | ZZ Plant

I know, another one of those cliche easy houseplants you see pretty much everywhere. But here’s a little story of my experience with them; my day job is at a call center, and I’ve seen the ZZ plant scattered around by the people who designed the office and for the longest time I thought they were plastic.

I thought that simply because I didn’t expect them to do so well with literally no natural light and more often than not put in pretty dark areas, yet, they were absolutely thriving. Just goes to show how low-maintenance these guys are.

Good luck even thinking about killing these guys, they’ll probably outlive you.

We curated some care sheets for taking care of your herbs! The best part? It’s completely free!

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8: Aloe Vera

Houseplants for beginners | Aloe Vera

These are probably one of my favorite plants I have ever grown. I got my first Aloe when I was living in my apartment, and I pretty much set this guy on the windowsill, watered him no more often than I paid my rent, and he absolutely thrived.

I have a deep love for them especially because they are so many different genomes of Aloes out there, you would definitely be surprised by a few of them I’m sure.

Bonus points to them for their medicinal use too!

9: Dieffenbachia

Houseplants for beginners | Dieffenbachia

The Dieffenbachia is another plant that people might be questioning me putting up on this list, but let me tell you why they’re wrong. Back in my early plant parenthood this was one of the very first plants I got for myself because I was super obsessed with the foliage.

Fast-forward a month, my Dieffenbachia unfortunately got a bad case of mealybugs and I had to fight them off for quite a while, and it led me to pruning the hell out of him until he was pretty baren with literally only 4-5 leaves left. (originally had at least 20-30 leaves)

With a little bit of hope and love he made an extraordinary recovery and completely bounced back from the attack and he has never looked better since then.

I only have him placed in front of my east-facing window and water only once his soil is completely dried and I’ve only ever seen him put out new growth and just be overall super happy in my home, that’s why I think these plants are pretty low maintenance and great for beginners.

10: Dracaena

Houseplants for beginners | Dracaena

And the last houseplant on my list, the Dracaena. Mine has been nothing but great and fortunate for me. I honestly have a bad tendency to forget about him because he is more out of the way than most of my plants, so out of sight and out of mind.

Never had an issue with pests, never lost leaves due to under-watering, and they tolerate low and high light levels pretty well so they are versatile for almost anywhere in your home.

These are on my top 5 favorite houseplants too, I love the different varieties that are out there and just generally feel much more tropical than most of my other plants, which I’m obsessed with.

We curated some care sheets for taking care of your herbs! The best part? It’s completely free!

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Happy growing, and until next time,

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4 thoughts on “10 Houseplants That Are For Absolute Beginners”

  1. Iโ€™m proud to have a couple of these in my home! Iโ€™ve had a snake plant for a few years now, and at the beginning of the year a friend gave a me few tiny spider plants taken from her big mother plant. Iโ€™m growing them a little before giving the spares to friends.
    Iโ€™m also hoping to pick up a marble queen pathos sometime soon as theyโ€™re just so lovely!
    Which is your favourite of these Jason?

    1. Hi Emma! I’m actually a huge sucker for pothos to be honest haha, I currently have a few golden pothos, a marble queen, and an njoy and I propagate the heck out of all of them because I just want more haha. Plus they’re great gifts! I gave away a lush golden pothos that I propagated and grew from barely nothing to my mom for mother’s day.

  2. I have a humongous spider plant with more babies then I can count!! (I’m a bit worried about mom plant tbh) very lovely and easy to care for plant for sure! My absolute favorite is the pothos and philodendrons.. I had a gorgeous pothos years ago that hung Beautifully from a hanging planter and didn’t mind the occasional neglect. Unfortunately,I had a house fire and that was that :'(
    I’m now on the hunt for another!
    Thanks for the info.. I lost almost half of my plants after my move but I’m happy to say I at least have still have my English ivy, spider plant,and a few very beautiful succulents.
    I’m waiting for it to get a bit warmer here in Ohio then I’m going to get my butt to Lowe’s! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’—๐ŸŒฟ๐ŸŒพ

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