15 Cheap Plant Pots Under $20 You Need In Your Home Today

Hello Everyone! Today we’re going to go over 15 of our favorite deals on Plant Pot Sets on a budget!

Incorporating plants into your home can change the entire way people see your place; they look gorgeous and spice up any normally boring atmospheres!

Don’t have a nightstand or small table? Throw a tall fern there! Some empty space on your work desk or dining table? Some small succulents would look amazing there! They make a great centerpiece and It’s always something to be proud of when you start to realize how much they’ve grown and thrived since you’ve had them!

And I mean, after all, they do provide us the necessary oxygen we kinda need to continue living so if that’s not enough of an excuse then I don’t know what is.

but let’s continue, shall we?

Number One: This is a 2 (or THREE) piece plant pot, I love the cement look on these and I think it definitely adds in an industrialized look to your home. They also come with little raised bamboo platforms! How awesome!

Number Two: This 3 piece plant pot set also comes with this cute wooden raised holding tray! (don’t worry this blog post isn’t going to be just for succulents, these are just really cute) And they’re literally $13.99! Talk about a bargain right there!

Number Three: This is a SIX PIECE plant potter set! Perfect for seed germinations and just starting out some plants before you transport them to their larger home later one! Or of course to start growing a series of small succulents!

Number Four: A Three piece plant pot set for different sized plants! These guys look amazing together and you can grow different plant’s in each of them and start your own little indoor garden!

Number Five: A 4.5-inch plant pot! This is the PERFECT size for that table and desk decor we mentioned earlier! Add that home-y feel to your workspace with this and start growing yourself a cast-iron plant!

Number Six: Another awesome centerpiece! This one comes with either the gold frame or a solid black! Looks totally urban and modern and I am HERE for it! Again, put this puppy in the middle of your table or workplace!

Number Seven: A 4-tier hanging plant potter?! I am absolutely going to put this in my kitchen and grow fresh herbs for when we make meals! Each of the pots is 3.5-inches tall so that makes it the perfect planter for indoor gardening without taking up any floor or desk space!

Number Eight: Much like Number 3 on our list today we have another wood-held plant carrier but with metal pots and sleek design! This is perfect for a runner table or on a shelf! Let your little cacti shine!

Number Nine: Absolutely ADORE these marbled planters! This amazing set comes with 4 different pots to put your precious little plants in! I am absolutely putting these in a row on my bookshelf next to my salt lamp!

Number Ten: OBSESSED with this cement planter! I definitely want to own a set to hang in front of my windows and let the sun shine on them! I really want to put a string of pearls plant in them and let them dangle down!

Number Eleven: I love how modern and chic these look! If you have a predominantly white and clean finish to your home I think these would be the perfect look you’ve been looking for! The wooden trays included really wrap up the whole feel these bring as well.

Number Twelve: This is so beautiful. Period. I love water plants and watching them grow and seeing their roots spread around beneath them. This would be super neat on a coffee table in the center of the room, definitely a conversation starter!

Number Thirteen: More hanging plants! I want these in my kitchen window growing peppermint to make my entire kitchen smelling amazing! Fun-fact though, plants growing in these “biospheres” require minimum care! (depending on which plant grows inside) The moisture it produces inside actually can take care of the plant for weeks on end!

Number Fourteen: Love this minimalistic look! The black stands with the marble pots look so clean together! Start growing a jade plant in here and you’d have such a nice finish!

Number Fifteen: Alright this is the last one we’ve got for today! This adorable little is perfect for styling your shelves! The geometric designs on them and the bamboo platforms create a perfect modern look to finish off decorating your room!

Well, that’s all we’ve got for you today! Thank you so much for stopping by to read through our Top 15 Plant Pot Sets! If you found value from this it would mean the world to us if you re-pinned this and shared it with your friends!

until next time,

– The Pastel Dwelling Team

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