Well, here is our “about us” page, well, about me actually.

My name is Jason. I am 21 years old and extremely passionate about botany and helping people grow plants and live greener lives.

I was raised in the countryside of Arizona by two parents who were very impassioned about growing plants & vegetables as well as taking care of the beautiful planet we live on.

I am carrying on that love for plants and our Earth, and I want to help everyone understand them and their impact on us. I try to write posts here that encourage you all to start growing your own plants and be a little more self-sufficient and more conscious about our environment and the impact we have on it.

My ultimate goal by the end of every post I curate for you, is that you leave knowing more than what you came with. I want you to know all of the very many benefits there are to growing your own plants and trying to be as environmentally friendly as possibly.

I encourage you to think about the plastic issues we have going on right now and how we can affect that in our day to day lives. I want you to think about the beautiful parks we have, to respect them completely and not take them for granted. Think about deforestation and the air pollution we as a whole are creating and what we can do to prevent it.

My only goal is like I said, to be a little more educated about what’s going on and the small steps we can take every day to work on a much bigger picture.

This is our home, and let’s take care of it.

When you read my posts and are left with any questions regarding the topic we discussed, I encourage you to comment them below and I will reply every single time and provide as much useful information as I am able to in order to fully educate and complete my duty here.

I made a Facebook Page that is dedicated to my website here and I would love if you joined it. I want to see what you do to live a greener life and I want to know what you are interested in learning about.

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Amazing community focused on houseplants! Share what you’re currently growing, ask for tips and help, and meet other local people for plant meetups!


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  1. I really love the info you are putting out there and how you say it. Lovely photos also!
    I would love to bring home a gardenia tree from Home Depot but ..
    I want to have it indoors and need to know details. I do not want to kill it!
    Thanks for all your guidance!

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