Philodendron Melanochrysum Care Guide

Philodendron Melanochrysum Care Guide | How to take care of a Philodendron Melanochrysum

10 Velvety Plants You Need To Own

Welcome back! Today we’re on the topic of velvety plants that you need to own if you’re a sucker for soft textured leaves like we are! 10 Unique Velvety Houseplants You Need First things first, if you aren’t following our Instagram yet go ahead and check it out! We post and talk about plants in... Continue Reading →

Hoya “Wax Plant” Complete Care Guide

Today we're going over a Hoya "wax plant" complete care guide. Covering everything you need to know in order to grow a large and lush Hoya of your own! It's easier than you may think too, let us show you. Pin this for later! At some point in your plant collection obsession journey, you are... Continue Reading →

15 Variegated Houseplants You NEED In Your Life

Hi everyone and welcome BACK this week for another houseplant showcase! This week we are spotlighting our favorite rare and elusive variegated houseplants. I apologize in advance for your bank account if you end up going out to buy one of these bad boys. Starting off our #1 spot will be the.. Monstera Borsigiana Variegata... Continue Reading →

What To Grow In The Month of July

Welcome back! We're already halfway through with the year, can't believe it! So, What To Grow In The Month of July, that is the question today. Well, let me tell you. What to sow outdoors These plants are perfect to start this time of year for a great Autumn crop! Try something new and plant... Continue Reading →

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