What to grow in the month of May

Plants To Sow and Grow In May

Plants that you need to sow and grow in the month of May Read More

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Plants that can live in a bathroom | low light houseplants | houseplants for bathrooms | indoor plants that require low light

Houseplants That Can Live In Your Bathroom

Today we’re going over our favorite houseplants that can totally live in your bathroom! Read More

Cat and dog friendly houseplants

20 Houseplants That Are Safe For Cats and Dogs

Your love of pets and houseplants don’t have to get in the way of one another, because why not have both, right? Some people might not know, but there are many very popular houseplants that contain poison in their leaves or stems when they’re eaten or consumed, which can be very harmful to curious animals. Read More

Monstera Deliciosa Complete Care Guide

Complete care guide on Monstera Deliciosas. Learn about their light and water needs, pests and how to treat them, and how to propagate your Monstera Deliciosa! Read More

Succulents Unboxing HAUL | Review of Succulents Subscription Box

Unboxing 4 Rare and Random Succulents! Succulent Subscription Service Review Read More

Pothos and Philodendrons Care Guide

Pothos and Philodendron Plant Care Guide

Pothos and Philodendron Plant Care Guide | Identify what your Pothos or Philodendron is | How to take care of a Pothos and Philodendron | How to propagate a Pothos and Philodendron Read More

Mid-Century Modern Home Decor

25 Mid-Century Modern Decor Pieces to Transform Your Home Into Something Gorgeous

25 Mid-Century Modern Decor Pieces to Transform Your Home Into Something Gorgeous Read More

10 Cascading Plants You Can Grow Indoors for Home Decoration

How to grow cascading plants indoors, hanging plants indoors, how to take care of indoor plants, how to take care of household plants, how to take care of vines, indoor plants care guide, best hanging plants for indoors Read More

Plants To Grow In the Month of April

April is officially here! This month is our favorite because we can finally plant just about all of our vegetable seeds since the soil is warming up! (this post contains affiliate links, which means if you would like to purchase any mentioned products linked below we will earn a small commission of the cost at Read More

Best Plants To Grow In Apartments & Small Spaces

Today we are BACK at you with another post and we are going to be going over the best plants you should be growing in your apartment! We’ve all been there, right? Some of us are still there, and that’s okay. That’s why we’re here, to help. We want to discuss with you our favorite Read More

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