English Ivy Plant Care Tips | Hedera Helix

Care tips on growing English Ivy (Hedera helix) As A Houseplant

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What To Grow In The Month of July

Welcome back! We're already halfway through with the year, can't believe it! So, What To Grow In The Month of July, that is the question today. Well, let me tell you. What to sow outdoors These plants are perfect to start this time of year for a great Autumn crop! Try something new and plant... Continue Reading →

Why Your Peperomia Is Dying

Welcome back, ya'll! Thanks for joining in on another week with us at Pastel Dwelling! So, did you get your hands on a cute little Peperomia, although you're not very sure on how to keep it alive? I got you, it's what I'm here for. The very first Peperomia I got was a Variegated Teardrop... Continue Reading →

How To Grow A Bird Of Paradise Houseplant

Want to know how to grow a Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) houseplant? You've came to the right place. Join our community for free and get weekly informational posts to help you be the best plant parent you can be. #mc_embed_signup{background:#f3f3f3; clear:left; font:20px Times New Roman,Helvetica,sans-serif; } /* Add your own Mailchimp form style overrides... Continue Reading →

Pink Indoor Houseplants to Beautify Your Home

Hey y'all happy Saturday! Today is an overall pretty great day, I'm attending my first plant swap here in Phoenix, Arizona (will post pictures when I come back from it!) So yeah, super excited! Today we are talking about plants. Pink ones to be exact. I have gathered this list of the most beautiful pink... Continue Reading →

Plants To Sow And Grow In June

Here comes June! Officially the first month of summer here in Arizona where the heat really starts to shine! Temps reaching 110 F and dry air all around. God help us. Anyways though, ready to get started on some new additions to your garden this month? I know I am! Here's what you're going to... Continue Reading →

10 Houseplants That Are For Absolute Beginners

Houseplants for beginners, well, did you get bit by the plant-bug recently? Join the club! I've been noticing an increasing trend of growth (hehe) in the houseplant community and I couldn't be happier about it! So, you want to know the best houseplants to start off with? You definitely came to the right place. Today... Continue Reading →

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