Top 10 Favorite RARE Houseplants!

Top 10 Favorite RARE Houseplants! Hey planty people and welcome to my blog! I wanted to show and talk about some of my favorite rare plants in my collection. While you’re here check out my Instagram page for my plants! Without further delay, let’s get into them! 1. Philodendron Billietiae I’ve been growing this Billietiae... Continue Reading →

Know When To Re-pot Your Plant

When do I re-pot my plant? One of the most imperative parts of insuring the health and longevity of your plant is it's soil and knowing when to re-pot your plant. Be mindful when re-potting. This can be stressful on some plants and should not be done frequently or without consideration. You can re-pot a... Continue Reading →

Why Your Peperomia Is Dying

Welcome back, ya'll! Thanks for joining in on another week with us at Pastel Dwelling! So, did you get your hands on a cute little Peperomia, although you're not very sure on how to keep it alive? I got you, it's what I'm here for. The very first Peperomia I got was a Variegated Teardrop... Continue Reading →

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