14 Vegetables To Grow In The Summer

Hey there again! It’s Jason from Pastel Dwelling and TODAY, we are going over 14 of the best vegetables to grow in the Summer.

14 Vegetables to grow in SUMMER

It might be too late to grow some vegetables as the temperature begins to climb, but this also gives you the perfect opportunity to start these vegetables instead.

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So here are our top 14 picks for Summer vegetables


Growing Tomatillos

Tomatillos are a cousin to tomatoes, they’re also known as Mexican husk tomatoes. They have a more acidic and less sweet taste than traditional tomatoes do.

Armenian Cucumbers

Growing Cucumbers

Funny thing about Armenian Cucumbers, is they aren’t actually cucumbers at all. They are part of the melon family but get categorized as cucumbers due to their shape and taste.

Southern Peas, Blackeyed Peas, & Cow Peas

Growing Peas

Peas don’t quite need an explanation, but instead try this when you plant them. Put together one of those beautiful trellises you see on Pinterest and let them climb all over it!


Growing Corn

Corn is best grown in places where it receives lots of sun, and higher temperatures. They prefer temperatures between 65 F and 95 F. This makes them best grown in my home state, Arizona!

Yardlong Beans

Growing Beans

For maximum production and yield, it’s also best to grow these in warmer environments where they also receive a lot of sunlight throughout the day.


Growing Eggplants

Eggplants are a fun crop to watch grow, the germination period takes a few weeks to kick off, but due to their massive leaves they can quickly outgrow most tomatoes and peppers.

Malabar Spinach

Growing Spinach

Add a little bit of a twist for your next salad or dish by growing Malabar spinach!


Summer Vegetables: Growing Okra

When cooked properly, Okra has a very similar taste to Eggplants. Okra is also a little bit of a weight-loss hack you’ll want to start cooking with. (disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or physician. I just grow plants and read articles about them.)


Summer Vegetables: Growing Melons

It’s no secret why you always see your local grocery stores stocked up with watermelons, cantaloupe, and other popular melons during summer! This is the time of year they grow best, so start your own!

Hot Peppers

Summer Vegetables: Growing Jalapenos

While the bell pepper season is coming to an end, get ready to start growing some hot peppers! My favorites are jalapeno, habanero, and banana peppers!

Sweet Potatoes

Summer Vegetables: Growing Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are such an easy vegetable to grow and they really do take very little effort to do so. They’re root crops, which means they grow underground and harvest them by digging them up.

Thyme, Rosemary, & Oregano

Summer Vegetables: Growing Thyme

While many herbs appreciate some cooler temps and a little bit of shade, these three are the trio you’re looking for to be able to grow herbs year round!


Summer Vegetables: Growing Tomatoes

Tomatoes really are the most versatile vegetable, as far as growing goes. The only thing they really don’t like is frost, so if you live in an area like I do, then you can probably get away with growing these *almost year round.

Hope you found this helpful in your gardening endeavors!

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14 Vegetables to grow in SUMMER