What To Grow In The Month Of August

Hey ya’ll! Welcome back to another month of gardening ventures with me! As you know, we’re going over what to grow in the month of August!

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What To Grow In The Month Of August

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What to sow outdoors

Get ready for a delicious late Autumn and early Winter crop by starting these seeds today!

Also note, do a little extra research and see what vegetables grow best in your gardening zone, you can see what zone you are in here, courtesy of Burpee’s free online tool!

Plants you need to start in the month of August
  • Sow winter lettuce
  • Sow parsley, coriander and chervil
  • Sow radishes
  • Sow salad leaves
  • Sow cabbages
  • Sow swiss chard
  • Sow corn salad
  • Sow pak choi
  • Sow quick-growing carrots (ex. Adelaide)
  • Sow endive
  • Sow kohl rabi
  • Sow turnips
  • Sow raddichio

What to plant outdoors

Now is when you should take your already started plants, either grown by you or from your local stores, and plant them outside with the rest of the crop!

What to grow in the month of August
  • Plant out cauliflower
  • Plant out cabbage
  • Plant out kale
  • Plant out strawberries

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