What To Grow In The Month of July

Welcome back! We’re already halfway through with the year, can’t believe it! So, What To Grow In The Month of July, that is the question today. Well, let me tell you.

Plants that NEED to be started in JULY

What to sow outdoors

These plants are perfect to start this time of year for a great Autumn crop! Try something new and plant a crop you don’t usually grow in your garden!

Plants you need to sow in the month of July

• Sow basil
• Sow fast-growing herbs
• Sow endive
• Sow French beans and runner beans
• Sow kohl rabi
• Sow lettuce
• Sow spinach
• Sow salad leaves
• Sow spring onions
• Sow turnips
• Sow radishes
• Sow beetroot
• Sow carrots
• Sow peas
• Sow spring cabbages

What to plant outdoors

These plants should have been started indoors in May, but if you haven’t started yet on some of these, you can probably get away with direct sowing them outdoors with the rest of your crop. No worries!

Plants you need to start in the month of July

• Plant out sprouting broccoli
• Plant out winter cabbages
• Plant cauliflower, kale and leeks
• Plant out Brussels sprouts

Thank you for stopping by again this month! Check back in at the end of July for yet another growing guide! See you all soon!

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Plants you NEED to start in JULY

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7 thoughts on “What To Grow In The Month of July”

  1. Your titles “what to start in July” ” what to start in May” etc. Only apply to specific climate zones. If your going be an expert you need to address climate zones for the best time to start certain plants. Your not helping the general public by such open statements. Get professional.

    1. Hi there! I totally understand where you are coming from and I do apologise I let you down with this post. If you’ve read my post for August’s I did finally address the zones finally and provided a tool to see where you were at on the map. It is also good to note that the majority of my audience is in the United States so most of my posts will be only relevant to them.

    2. So true … If you used phrases such as “what to start 3 months before the end of your season” it would be much more helpful… I always find this frustrating too since I live in zone 4 with a short growing season and so I find it really difficult to apply most articles like this.

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